Cell Phones at NNU

Several wireless companies now offer discounts to NNU employees and students. Below you will find the most recent information available. Since programs and discounts change often, check back any time you have a question about these programs. You may also contact your carrier to see if they offer discounts for equipment and services. Refer them to the Office of Information Technology, (208)467-8951, if they would like us to add them to this page!

AT&T Cell Phone Discounts Now Available!

NNU now has an agreement with AT&T that allows employees and students of NNU to obtain a corporate discount!

Employees: Call 1-800-331-0500 and ask for FAN2909971 to be added to your account.  The NNU employee discount is 15%.

Students: Call 1-800-331-0500 and ask for FAN2909978 to be added to your account.  The NNU student discount is 7%.

T-Mobile Corporate Discount Offers for NNU

There are new discounts ready for you! Check out this special announcement!
  • 15% discount on your monthly service for ALL lines on your account
  • No service contracts required
  • No overages on our network
  • No activation fees
  • Free standard shipping

Already an Existing customer & need to add the discount? It’s easy! Just visit our eligibility tool & verify your account with your corporate email address.

Adding a line or becoming a T-Mobile customer? Call Advantage Direct™ at 1-866-464-8662 and mention State of Idaho and promo code6209TMOFAV or shop online! Additional promotional offers are available. For details, please contact your Representative for more information before placing your order.

Verizon Discounts for NNU Employees and Students!

NNU students and employees may take advantage of the NNU 18% discount on their personal Verizon cell phone plan. 

Here are the conditions for the discount to be applied for you:

  1. The plan must be in the name of the NNU employee or student who signs up for the discount.
  2. The plan must be connected to a validated NNU email address.

To sign up for this great offer on an existing personal account, go to

As part of our agreement with Verizon Wireless, they may from time to time do a quick survey of those who have signed up for this discount. Usually it will be a simple online validation of your NNU email address.

See this brochure for more details on the NNU Discount with Verizon.