Email at NNU

You get an NNU email address.
When you become part of the campus community as a student or employee, you will have an email address assigned to you through the NNU network.

The NNU email address is the main mode of communication for employees and students of the University. Your email address will consist of part of your first name and will include your last name. For example, if George Washington was attending, his email address may be or

Changing your NNU email address
Occasionally, someone will request that their preferred name be used for their email address, for example GJ instead of George. When this is requested, we try to comply with the user's wishes, but there are times when this is not possible. To request this, create a ticket on and provide details and reasons you are requesting this change, as in a recent marriage or change of name event.

NNU Email is hosted by Google
All NNU email is hosted on a Google domain. To log into your NNU email address, go to and login with your full NNU email address. The first time you login, there will be a default password supplied to you by your supervisor or the NNU Help Desk. Along with Gmail, NNU has subscribed to a full range of other Google apps. Check out the NNU Google Apps page for more information.

Keeping your email address
For students: The NNU address is available for lifetime use for students. At this time, we do not "clean house" when a student leaves NNU or graduates. This could change in the future, but at this time, you may keep your NNU email address.

For Employees: An employee email address is typically discontinued when an employee leaves NNU. If an employee would like to keep their email address after leaving NNU, they may request approval for this through their supervisor and the Office of Human Resources. If keeping the email address will create a security risk or violate any federal regulations, the request will not be approved.

Email Help
If you have never logged in on your NNU Gmail account before and don't know your login info, contact the NNU IT Services help desk. Phone support is available during regular work week hours and during some evenings, at (208)467-8111. Check the IT Services web page for additional information on when phone support is available.

If you submit a login help ticket on the site, please supply all of the details pertinent to your login issue. Your name, email address, and any error messages you receive when trying to login are especially helpful.

If you are in Nampa, walk-in help is available! IT Services is located in the Learning Commons.

(Please Note: The IT Services office closes on Mondays 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. for Community Chapel during the school year unless there is a holiday or spring break.)

For additional hours of operation, check the web page at


​For more information, additional resources, and helpful tutorials about how to use Google Apps please visit