NNU Wireless Connections

How to set up your personal computer ona NNU's wireless network:
FIRST: be sure to log in on a campus lab computer and CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD from the temporary "Defaultxxxxx" password.  The wireless system will not allow you in with the default password.
For personally-owned computers running Windows 7 or Windows 10 ONLY:
1. Download and run the NNU-Wireless program above.
2. Enter your NNU username and password when prompted.
For Windows Vista and XP:
If you have trouble connecting to NNU-Wireless, you will need to visit the TMR for assistance.
For Macs, iPhones or iPads:
1. Click your wireless icon (upper-right corner near your clock).
2. Click NNU-Wireless.
3. Enter your NNU username and password, and click Continue. 
4. Click Continue to accept the certificate.  (Click "Accept" for iPhones/iPads).
5. (Macs only) Enter your local password and click OK.
For Android devices:
1. Choose "NNU-Wireless" from the available wireless access points.
2. Enter your NNU username in the "Identify" field.
3. Leave the "Anonymous" field blank.
4. Change Phase 2 authentication to MSCHAPV2.
5. Enter your NNU password in the "Wireless Password" field.
6. Click "Connect".