What personal computer equipment is recommended at NNU?

Laptops or Desktops? Mac or PC?
Many students find that laptops are more convenient at college than desktop models, but both types of computers are very useful in your education PC or Macand in your personal life, and both have pros and cons.

Desktop computers generally have a longer life simply because they are not jostled around as much as laptops, and because their environment is more controlled.  Laptops tend to be subjected to wide temperature changes as they are carried across the campus or are transported in vehicles, but newer laptop models are more rugged, and last longer than they used to!

At NNU, course work has been designed to help a student achieve their work, regardless of the type of computer they own. If a Mac is needed for certain work, a Mac lab is available. The question of whether a student brings a laptop, desktop, Mac or PC really boils down to personal preference.

Computer Performance
Software programs require more powerful computers than ever, and high-speed network connections are now the standard as well. At NNU, the network is reliable regardless of whether your computer is connected wirelessly or via ethernet port, however, other devices in the vicinity can interfere with wireless connections

Minimum Computer Specifications
Computers are changing all the time so it is difficult to project what computer specifications will be needed for the future. To find out what is currently the standard for computer equipment, check with IT Services in the Leah Peterson Learning Commons. If you cannot afford an upgrade to your own computer to meet the demands of your education, computer labs are available on campus where you can accomplish your class work.