The IT Department

Welcome to the NNU Information Technology web page. We are always excited about folks who want to know about NNU campus technology, and the best-kept secret about NNU IT folks is that they are a lot of fun as well as very knowledgeable! We are here to help you use campus technology to further your education, your work goals, or your teaching goals. 

There are several teams that perform specific duties within the Department of Information Technology.

IT Services Team IT Services is staffed by full-time employees as well as part-time student technical assistants. The IT Services help desk is the front line on support issues. They also assist with campus telephones, classroom technology, printing, computer and network maintenance, software needs, wifi connections, and equipment reservations for special events. You will receive help on all of these things by creating a ticket on, or by checking out the self-help articles available in the knowledge base. If you cannot find solutions on your own and you are becoming frazzled, please come see us! Our office hours are posted on our web page,

If you are a student looking for some income while at NNU, apply with us! Our TA's are hard workers who major in many different programs, including computer science, religion, chemistry, pre-med, music, and other fields! Check out our job openings on the NNU Career Center web page.

Network and Infrastructure Team This team specializes in updating and maintaining the campus network, servers, associated software, and wireless network. If you ever have connection issues, please create a ticket on You may also call (208) 467-8111 to work with a technician to set up a help ticket. 

Administrative Computing This office supports all University administrative departments in their workflow and business processes. They also assist and train employees in the utilization of the administrative data systems. For assistance with these systems, create a help ticket on and we'll get on a solution for you!