Phone FAQ's

What is my phone number?

You must first request a phone extension number before your extension is assigned and activated.  When this is done, you will receive an email from the Technical Response Center confirming your extension assignment.

Contact the Technology & Media Resources (TMR) to obtain your personal phone extension at, and include your name, student i.d. number and your room location, as well as an alternate phone number and email address should the Technical Response Center technicians need to contact you for further information.

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How do people call me?

Your phone number is 467-8600 plus your extension number if you have requested a room extension.  If you have not requested a dorm room phone extension and you need one, please send a request to Technology & Media Resources by logging in an their site, Click "Create New Ticket" and include your name, student i.d. number and your room location, as well as an alternate phone number and email address to use if someone from the TMR needs to contact you.  An extension will be assigned and you will receive a confirmation email with the information attached.

After your extension has been assigned, when someone calls you, they must first dial 467-8600.  When they hear the pre-recorded message begin, they may dial your extension number.  If they do not remember your extension, they may push # (pound) for the student directory, or wait for the prompt to choose the directory.  They will then use their phone keypad to enter a few letters of your first or last name.  Once your name is selected, their call will be transferred to your extension. You may set up your voice mail to come directly to your email if you prefer.

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How do I call off-campus numbers?

Dial 9 plus the outgoing phone number.  On some campus phones, you may hear a second dial tone when you dial 9, but on most of the phones, you wil NOT hear the second dial tone.  You will simply dial 9 plus the phone number.

If your call does not go through, check to make sure you dialed it correctly.  If you dialed it correctly and it did not go through, contact the Technical Response Center (TRC) at or call 467-8111 from another phone.

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Do I have a voice mail box even without a physical phone?

Yes, students can have a voice mail box set up. All you need is a personal extension set up by the Technical Response Center and an NNU email address! 

When a caller calls your extension number, they have the choice of either ringing directly to your room or leaving a message.  If they choose to leave a message or a physical phone is not in use in your room, that message will then be delivered as a voice recording to your email box.

To set up your personal extension, send an email to the TRC, help(at), giving your email address, name, NNU i.d. number, and room location.

How do I make emergency calls?

For emergency calls to 911, you do not have to dial 9 to get an outside line.  However, if you do dial 9, the call will be routed to 911 anyway.

If you do not need an ambulance or other emergency help, but need non-emergency assistance (such as getting into your dorm room and your key card is not working), you may call the Safety & Security Office, 467-8550 (x8550).

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What if my phone is dead?

If you do not have a dial tone, please contact the Technical Response Center (TRC) as soon as possible by calling x8111 or by email,  If you have any difficulties with your phone, the Technical Response Center is ready to help you. 

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Is there a campus phone directory?

You may dial x8600 from a campus phone, or 467-8600 from a local phone, and follow the prompts to call the extension of someone on the NNU campus.

There is a directory feature on the NNU office telephones called "Phone Book". Click the button beside the Phone Book and input a few of the letters from the last name of the person you want to call. Click "Lookup" and scroll the names presented.

There is also a printed "Scam Book" provided by a student club, SIFE, that is published each year. Contact Student Development for information on the Scam Book for students.

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What kind of phone should I have on campus?

You may use any conventional phone with the NNU phone system, but if you have not previously had an extension assigned to you, please send an email to the Technical Response Center requesting your phone extension.  In the email to, include your name, student i.d. number and your room location, as well as an alternate phone number and email address should the Technical Response Center technicians need to contact you.

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How do I retrieve my voice mail?

The first time you access your voice mail, you will dial 8989.  When prompted, put in 9999 as your pass code. The system will direct you through setting up your new pass code, your voice mail and your greeting.

To retrieve your messages after your voice mail is set up, from a local phone, dial 467-8989.  From an on-campus phone or your room phone, dial x8989 and enter your extension. When you hear the welcome message begin, enter your extension. You will be prompted for your numerical PIN (sometimes called a numerical pass code).

You may also access other voice mail options while in the voice mail system, such as recording your greetings, forwarding your calls to an alternate phone or cell phone, recording special greetings for family members, etc.

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Do we have caller I.D.?

The NNU phone system has caller i.d. available, and incoming calls will display on phones that have a display and are compatible.  All incoming calls will show either a phone number or a name.  To protect yourself from unwanted calls, it is best to screen calls that show "Unknown" or "Toll Free" as a name, unless you are certain who might be calling you. 

As an extra layer of protection, when you make a call to an off-campus phone number, your phone number is not revealed on caller i.d.  It will merely show "NNU" as the caller i.d. For calls to on-campus extensions, your name or dorm information may display on the desk phone.  This is also a safety measure so that if you call during an emergency and are unable to speak, you can be located quickly.

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