Student Phones

Your extension

If you want a room extension, please go to, logging in with your NNU user name a password. Set up a ticket, giving your name, your i.d. number and your location (dorm name and room number). Ask for a room extension to be assigned to you. You can also have voice mail set up, whether a phone is present in your room or not. Voice mails are handled by a voicemail box that you can dial into, or you can ask for your voicemails to be sent to your email inbox.

In your phone number request ticket, specify how you want your voicemail handled. Do you want it to be accessible by dialing a phone number and putting in a PIN, or do you want it delivered to your email account as a recording attachment? If you want voicemails delivered to your email account, put your email address in the body of the ticket.

When the ticket is finished, your phone number will be provided to you. You can have any standard phone for your room. (NNU does not provide student phones.) After your phone number has been set up, you should connect your phone and test it. If you test your phone by dialing from another number and it does not ring to your room, please call the Help Desk at (208)467-8111, or reply to the help ticket you received in your email regarding this phone number. The help desk TA's will ask for additional help for you. 

Your extension can be used for direct dialed phone calls, or it can be used only as a voice mail box. For more info on this, check out the Voice Mail section below.

Hooking up your dorm phone

If you have not done this yet, go to and "Create a ticket" to request a phone number. You will need to note the room location and the jack number located on a sticker by the phone jack in your room. On the wall in your room, there are two blue jacks and a white jack. The white jack should have a number beside it, which is the room location number but it is NOT your personal extension.

Once activated, your phone number will be yours throughout your years at NNU, but notify the help desk when you change rooms on campus so they can make sure your phone is functional in the room you occupy. 

No special phones are needed in NNU dorms; just about any normal house phone works on the NNU telephone system.  Plug your phone into the white jack only. (The blue jacks are for computers, and can be damaged if connected incorrectly.)

See more information on this page under Your extension to find out about your personal extension.

Making a call

When calling an on-campus phone, you only need to dial the last four numbers of the phone number you are calling.

To make an off-campus call, dial 9€™ then the phone number of the party you are calling.

Long distance service is not provided through your campus phone. We encourage you to purchase a long distance phone card from any local retailer to make long distance calls from your dorm phone.

Long Distance

NNU no longer provides a long distance service to students. Students have shifted the major portion of their phone usage to cell phones. Since long distance carriers have a minimum amount they would charge the University, it has become too expensive to provide long distance to only a few students.

If you do not own a cell phone, the least expensive source for student long distance is a long distance calling card, purchased at a retailer such as Albertson's, Wal Mart, Costco, or other area retailers.

Receiving off-campus calls

The phone number you are provided by the Help Desk is the number to supply to those trying to call you. If you leave NNU or move to a new room, you will need to notify the TMR so your phone number can be reprogrammed to be available to you in your new room. Student phone numbers do not work in off-campus apartments, such as the "Holly 1000" apartments.

Setting Up Student Voice Mail

When your phone number is created, your voicemail is ready for you to personalize it. Here is how!
  1. Dial 8989 from any phone on campus or 467-8989 from an off-campus phone.
  2. You will be prompted for your extension, so enter it. (This is the last four digits of your new phone number.)
  3. When you hear the automated message come on press * (asterisk key).
  4. This first time, the auto attendant will ask for a Passcode. Enter 9999, the temporary PIN.
  5. After this, the auto attendant will walk you through the process of choosing your own pass code or PIN, creating a greeting and recording your name. 
  6. Test it out. Dial your phone number from a cell phone and leave yourself a voice mail. Listen to your greeting and make sure it is what you want. We recommend making your voice mail a little anonymous for your safety, as in, "You've reached 208-###-###, please leave a message."

Accessing Voice Mail Off-campus

If you want to check voice mail without email, dial 467-8989. At the prompt, enter your extension number. Put in your PIN (pass code) when prompted. Follow the rest of the prompts to retrieve, save, or delete your messages.