Keeping the Network Safe and Efficient

The NNU Network Team provides support to the campus in the form of network systems and servers, wireless local access network, internet connectivity, data storage solutions, disaster recovery plans, online learning systems, and desktop application support.

Several times per year, the network team schedules maintenance days to update and upgrade systems on campus. These days are necessary to keep the network and associated systems running at optimal speeds and efficiency. Please be aware of these maintenance days and plan around them for your educational needs.

Network Maintenance Days

Each year, the network team in Information Technology schedules time for upgrading and updating the network systems to make sure they are working as efficiently and securely as possible. This requires some network "down time." In an effort to avoid unexpected loss of connectivity, the network team publishes the scheduled maintenance days for the NNU network.

All maintenance days occur early on Sundays. Historically, these are the hours when the least activity occurs on the network. Network maintenance day reminders are sent out via Message Board to students, faculty and employees the week before they are scheduled. If you are not part of the message board distribution list, feel free to visit this page often for the dates of upcoming maintenance days at NNU.