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NNU IT LC clock towerWelcome to the NNU Information Technology web page. We are always excited about folks who want to know about NNU campus technology. Here is a little bit about us:

To more easily service NNU technology needs, several teams perform specific duties within the Department of Information Technology.

Administrative Computing This office supports all University administrative departments in their workflow and business processes. They also assist and train employees in the utilization of the administrative data systems. For assistance with these systems, contact the Office of Information Technology, (208) 467-8951.

Network and Infrastructure Team The network team is constantly working to keep you connected to computer, telephone and other technology resources supported by the University network. This team specializes in updating and maintaining the campus network, servers, associated software, and associated equipment. If you ever have connection issues, you should navigate to, where you can report all of the details of the issue you are having in a handy online form. You may also call (208) 467-8111 to work with a technician to set up a help ticket. For more information, visit our TMR page. To see important announcements regarding the network, you may navigate to the Network Team page.

Technology and Media Resource Center (TMR) This team, located in the Leah Peterson Learning Commons building, handles a wide variety of services, including help desk support, digital audio recording, video recording, A/V equipment rentals, and much more. Did you know you can reserve equipment for an upcoming event or recital by visiting and creating a reservation ticket? In fact, the TMR help desk handles and assigns all support issues regarding campus technology, as well as reservations. These often include issues with campus telephones, classroom technology, printing, and computer network maintenance. The TMR staff also work with Administrative Computing and the Network Team to field their support calls, create tickets, and assign appropriate IT professionals to handle the tickets. Many self-help articles are available in the TMR knowledge base, but you may also visit the folks at the TMR in the Learning Commons during their office hours, which are posted on their web page, (Scroll down that page to see this information.)

The TMR help desk is staffed by full-time employees as well as part-time student technical assistants. Our TA's are hard workers who major in many different programs, including computer science, religion, chemistry, pre-med, music and many more! Looking for a fulfilling job at NNU? Check out our job openings on the web page for the NNU Career Center .

For up-to-date info on IT happenings, check out our Facebook pages, too!