Password Management

To effectively manage your NNU network password, you first need to enroll in the Password Management System. Go to and click on Password Management to see further instructions on enrolling and creating security questions. Once you have gone through this Enrollment process, you can easily use the system to change your password, recover a lost password, or to unlock your account.

The first time you enroll, you will enter the user name you have been given, which is part of your first and last name. This is entered in the "Account Name" field. You then enter your current password as your "Old Password". If you have never logged in on the network before, you will use the default password in the "Old Password" field, which consists of the word "Default" and your NNU ID number. It will look like this: Default####. The pound signs represent your ID number.

After you have logged in on the password manager, you will create a new password. Setting up the password can be a little tricky, but the guidelines below will help you keep your account secure.

Choosing a password

There are several requirements for passwords on the NNU systems. Passwords need to meet some rather complex rules in order to remain secure and to work correctly, so make sure you pay attention to these requirements:

  1. Passwords must be 8-16 characters in length.
  2. Passwords must begin with an alpha character (letter).
  3. There must be at least one number or one special character in the password. Special characters are punctuation marks or symbols -- such as an exclamation point, a pound sign or an asterisk.
  4. The password should not contain your name.
  5. You should not use recognizable words. We suggest using a number to replace a letter if you spell a recognizable word. An example would be changing the word "Love" to "L0ve", substituting a zero for an o.

If your password change fails, contact the help desk in the IT Services office, 208-467-8111, or create a ticket at for assistance.

The network password management system will change your password on campus computers, on Canvas, and the NNU Portal. It will not change your Gmail password or your CARS-CX/JX password (if you have one). For employees who login on CARS-CX/JX, check out our page on how to manage those passwords on the CARS-JX/CX Password Management page.

The Active Directory password change will not change your Gmail password for NNU Gmail accounts. If you have any difficulties with your password, you may create a help ticket on the help desk site for assistance (, or call (208) 467-8111 for the IT Services office.

Continuing Studies students enrolled in Center for Professional Development classes may disregard these password change requirements. Their password system is separate from the main campus password system at NNU. For questions on these passwords, please contact the Center for Professional Development, or (208)467-8439.

Gmail Password Management

Gmail Passwords - This link takes you to where you can log onto your account. If you need a Gmail password reset, go to If you cannot reset your password or have forgotten it and need assistance, contact the TMR Help Desk at 208-467-8111 or create a help ticket at for assistance.