NNU Wireless Connections

Many high-speed wireless access points are mounted across campus and an -up-to-date system is in place to make your wireless computing experience faster and more convenient.  

Campus-owned laptops will connect to the NNU-Wireless system automatically. Personal laptops will need to be registered on the campus network first. Follow the steps below to connect with your personally owned laptop. 

  1. First, make sure you are able to login on a campus computer. You will not be able to enroll on the NNU-Wireless system until you have are a registered student or a confirmed employee.
  2. After making sure your user name and password is set up on the NNU Network, connect your wireless-enabled laptop on campus with an ethernet cable to a live network port in a student dorm, student lab, in the IT Services (Learning Commons, 1st floor), in an office, or in the Riley Library. 
  3. Using the wired connection or a separate desktop computer, use any browser to navigate to the NNU portal,, and login with your NNU network credentials (user name and password). You will then click on "NNU-Wireless Connection Setup" on the right side of the page.
  4. Download the setup file to the laptop or save it to a thumb drive, and then install it on the laptop.

Once you have loaded the NNU wireless file on the laptop, your computer will automatically connect to NNU-Wireless, and then prompt you for your NNU network user name and password to start up. Note: Do not login on the NNU-Visitor wireless system. That is only for visitors on campus and will not give you the access you want.

For additional help, navigate on the web to and look up the help articles for NNU Wireless. You may also visit the IT Services Help Desk in the Learning Commons for assistance.