What personal computer equipment is recommended at NNU?

Laptops or Desktops? Mac or PC?
Many students find that laptops are more convenient at college than desktop models, but both types of computers are very useful in your education and in your personal life, and both have pros and cons.

Desktop computers generally have a longer life simply because they are not jostled around as much as laptops, and because their environment is more controlled.  Laptops tend to be subjected to wide temperature changes as they are carried across the campus or are transported in vehicles, but newer models are more rugged, and mobile computing is very helpful in today's world.

There is a lot of debate as to whether a Mac or PC is best for certain tasks. At NNU, course work has been designed to help a student achieve their work, regardless of the type of computer they own. If a Mac is needed for certain work, a Mac lab is available. The student computer labs across campus also have Mac and PC computers in them. In short, this question boils down to personal preference.

Computer Performance
Many software programs require more powerful computers than ever, and high-speed network connections are now the standard as well. As is true everywhere, wireless connections can be convenient, but can be slower or spottier than wired connections, depending upon where you are on campus. If you are in an area that seems to have poor wifi connection, move around in the area, or find an Ethernet port and plug in. Many of these ports are available across campus to assist you with connecting in a hurry.

Minimum Computer Specifications
The minimum recommended specifications for personal computers to use NNU resources are as follows:

  • CPU: 1.7Ghz, and higher*
  • 2GB RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • 320 GB Hard Disk
  • Network Card: Ethernet 100Base-T

*For most campus and online courses, lower specification computers can be used; however, most current computer applications require large amounts of random access memory (RAM) for graphics and video displays. Some computer software may not run well with some operating systems or internet browsers.

There are a number of computer labs on campus where you can do additional work if your computer is not sufficiently equipped for all of your class work.

If you experience difficulty running software programs, you may want to check with IT Services for additional assistance.

Additional Suggested Equipment:

  • Wireless adapter (most are built-in and standard)
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • USB thumb drives or external hard drives
  • Camera (especially useful for Audio/Video conferencing classes)
  • CD/DVD burner
  • CD-R, CD-RW or DVD-R's for additional storage of large class projects
  • Ethernet extension cord (for network connections where wireless is not available)

The NNU Bookstore stocks smaller computer supplies and software at competitive prices for the convenience of students.