Available Resources

What computing resources are available at NNU?

Classroom Technology

Technology resources in most classroms include teaching workstations, SmartBoards, data projectors, and wireless access points. Some classrooms are set up as teaching labs, with desktop computers located at each desk.

Wireless network access is available in most campus buildings and even outside.

Network Resources

All NNU student housing has been wired for high-speed connection to the NNU network. The wireless LAN (Local Access Network) system is accessible throughout most of the NNU campus as well.

Computer Labs

NNU has computer labs in most dorms and six general access or departmental computer labs on campus, providing students with access to network resources in all major campus areas. Lab computers have high-end HP LaserJet printers, CD or DVD-ROM drives, and many have DVD burners.

Additional computer equipment available in some of the computer labs include scanners, color laserjet printers, and a video capture workstation complete with a DVD-burner.


Have a short break between classes and need to check your email? Not a problem! There are kiosk computer stations available for short-term use in the Johnson Sports Center, the Fine Arts Building, the Helstrom Business Center, the Science Building, the Student Center, the Wiley Learning Center, and in various other locations across campus.

Software Availability

The IT Department delivers over 100 useful software applications on all campus-owned computers, such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher), as well as other desktop applications. There are many choices these days for being productive at NNU.

  1. Google Docs - with your NNU email account, you have access to a full array of Google document types that you can use to compose, share and collaborate with others. Just click on that patterned block     up in the right hand corner of your email box and start working!  (The link looks like this!  ) In Google Drive, you can upload current documents from other "office" types of programs and work on them online.  This is handy since you can access your document anywhere you have internet connections, and you can invite your team project partners to help with projects online, too.
  2. Libre and Open Office - both of these document editors are available to use for free. They are not affiliated with Microsoft or Google, but documents are interchangeable and readable with those Microsoft apps.
  3. Office 365 - Through a special licensing agreement with Microsoft, NNU students may now sign up to receive a free Office 365 ProPlus account. This account will give you the functionality of Office documents with which you may be most familiar. There is also a web storage feature similar to Google Drive called One Drive. To sign up for this service, go to this web form and fill it in. We'll get you signed up for your Office 365 license and send a confirmation email as soon as possible.

Don't forget anti-virus software! You are responsible for your anti-virus software on your personal machines, and we have the resources to help you! To make sure you are protected against computer viruses and mal-ware, NNU has licensed with Sophos to provide free protection. If you login on the NNU portal at my.nnu.edu and click on the Student tab, you will be able to download Sophos to your own computer. If you encounter any issues while trying to install Sophos, the Technology and Media Resources office is available to help! Call 467-8111 or create a ticket on their system at help.nnu.edu.

Software is also available for specific courses or departments as needed. For information on these applications, check with your instructor.

Printing Access

At NNU, students are credited $10 per semester for printing needs. You may print to network printers directly from NNU-managed computers in labs, or send a document to your print queue from your own computer or laptop via mobile print. Check out the help document for more information at it.nnu.edu/printing.