How to use your N and S drives off-campus

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Access Network Files (N and S Drives)

If you need to work on documents when you are off campus, students and employees can access the N: and S: drives! Read below for information on working with your documents from any computer, on or off campus, via a web browser.

When you need to access files that were created on the new file structure, browse to this web location:

NOTE: You may encounter a web certificate warning when attempting to open the above link. We have uploaded our certificates and are working with the vendor to remove this warning. You may proceed with confidence.

Login with the same user name and password that you use every day on campus. When you successfully have logged on, you will see your "Home Drive" which contains your N drive contents. You will also see your S drive. We recommend that you read the User Manual, available via a link at the top of the window when you login.

NOTE: When you download and change a document, remember to upload it to the proper location after editing so your changes will be accessible to you when you return to your office or need to access them again.